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August 03, 2010



good tips Jenny, now if I would just haul out my camera.... so bad about that these days!

Erica Plough

Thanks, Jenny! I'm far from a pro, but I'm sure these tips will help me!

Andrea M

Fun to see the pics of Sherri & Guy! Can't believe they are soon celebrating their 1st anniversary:)

Karen Johnson

Appreciate the info Jenny - now can you explain the fill flash on the camera to me?

Tina Hickman

Great tips. Thanks!

Reino Kuoppala

Can you force all cameras to flash if it tells you it is bright enough without a flash?


Great reminder tips! I have heard of some... Now lets put them to use :)

Jackie N

Thanks Jenny! I would actually love to take a photography class but if you keep it up I won't have to! :)

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